Jimmie Johnson


Five-Time NASCAR Champ and driver of the #48 car

@keselowski, here is the number you put on the wall!

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1953 days ago

, here is the number you put on the wall!


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BreOther_Ed 1947 days ago

...You start out at 100+ and drive thru gravel into a wall and see how it feels

lexicon5 1949 days ago

And he went through 100 feet of gravel before he hit. It's a ROAD course people...

lexicon5 1949 days ago

Safer Barriers have LESS padding between the metal and concrete. Seriously. Do some research.

83rx7 1951 days ago

ouch at least the car's are safer then the 70's 80's and the 90's glad u are ok

rbswrds 1953 days ago

safer barrier or not, if you are going 100 mph and stop.......thats not good..

SirJokaPlaya 1953 days ago

Why isn't there any SAFER barriers?

yawecar 1953 days ago

BK hit the wall at over 100, he walked away. I think the car and track safety systems worked

EllieAnn48 1953 days ago

So glad that you are ok!

Kelve 1953 days ago

What kind of SAFETY BARRIER is that ? Road crews have better barriers

scienceesl 1953 days ago

OMG that is scary! Really glad Brad is ok!

dodgefan67 1953 days ago

glad you're ok Brad!

Curtis_Bailey 1953 days ago

New Modern Safer Barrier = Tires

swhomebiz 1953 days ago


WestCoastGal88 1953 days ago

Not many tires for a barrier and a crappy wall on top of it. Time to ask Nascar to let you guys test at sanctioned tracks

DadsJourney 1953 days ago

Holy cow...through the tires too!!! Nice work!!!

sydsmom5 1953 days ago