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The dinner part has started..

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1793 days ago

The dinner part has started..


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junebug_62 1750 days ago

Did you EAT THAT?! (I guess I should first ask 'IS THAT EDIBLE'?) gag. lol

sweetypielee 1792 days ago

Wow !!!

Mjoe93 1792 days ago

im sayin dis in da nicest way possible. dat junk look nasty!

fancyme23 1793 days ago

love sushi, but not sold on tht finger looking thing...bon apetit..

7Filatov 1793 days ago


MissRobinRiches 1793 days ago

wow. :)

amandamonasteri 1793 days ago una porciĆ³n de solomo de cuerito,eso es muy pesado para una cena,no la recomiendo chao.

JCharles_yeah 1793 days ago

diinner where the food at

Sinfix 1793 days ago

Plate has more rings than Lebron!

gzmknr 1793 days ago

What is the name of this interesting food?

ten2rt 1793 days ago

Wait a minute............Did Mike Tyson leave his gold teeth in that block of mystery meat?

evans507 1793 days ago

Don't let lebron eat that. he might choke.

Biebclique 1793 days ago

Oh my god Lol

sparkle913 1793 days ago

What is this?

imapeach508 1793 days ago

Oh my...

radianyce 1793 days ago

"D". For an erotic woman like myself this looks like an ahprodisiac. A "C" ring on a xxxk.

MisterUnderated 1793 days ago

daMN... I guess your trying new things At least they gave you the watch to make up for the food.

st_dasha 1793 days ago

delicious food?

WindFamiliar 1793 days ago

Wow, #Rule34 in food form. XD

SelmaSingle 1793 days ago

is that the whole meal or more to come....