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Ocean work out! It's been a loooong time since I've been in the ocean(said like "OPEN"in cruise control)

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2029 days ago

Ocean work out! It's been a loooong time since I've been in the ocean(said like "OPEN"in cruise control)


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JhenniferCarey 2003 days ago

the smile that most perfect world, perfect love s2

Pepette_lamb 2006 days ago

You are radiant and this pleases to see you so happy ! Much love from France !

suafavorita 2008 days ago

mariah vem pro Brasil que tem praias mais bonitas

NaimK12 2011 days ago


dmedroso 2021 days ago

Pretty as a mermaid!

dmedroso 2021 days ago

Love you

dmedroso 2021 days ago

te amo

dmedroso 2021 days ago

te amooooooooo

haleypg 2022 days ago

u look luvly
as use u do great&succed at evrthg
keep it up mariah..i truly admir ur perseverence and strength

rachelsagateang 2023 days ago

like I said before motherhood suits her

Tinaxo143 2024 days ago

watch out for any sharks!!!!!! CUTE!!!

Tinaxo143 2024 days ago

cute!!! but watch out for any sharks!!!! lol

Gloriah93luna 2024 days ago

Omg,,Mariah_¤_¤ u look amazing!!!! im So happy to see that ur planning to come back with new music!
wish some day u and share time together mua mua (I.L.U)=i love you and ur twins ^_^

ConcertosLive 2024 days ago

nice pic

MalachiGary 2025 days ago

I think you look great!!! Can't wait to hear some new stuff!! =)

beckylewis57 2026 days ago

Mariah you look so awesome! Keep it up and finish the rest in...Smile!

GlitterLady83 2027 days ago

You look so good darling i love you so so much!!!!!!

Nickimimi 2027 days ago

She looks totally amazing after had two babies , I wish I could be like her :)

rachelsagateang 2028 days ago

looks fantastic motherhood deffinately suits her as it does Vanessa Redgrave lym

IloveTomohon 2028 days ago

I love this picture ........ Mariah is very pretty and beautiful to lambily all ...... I am so very beautiful to see this picture of the American world .......