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Jake on the BBQ. Good times

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1913 days ago

Jake on the BBQ. Good times


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Loose_Wheel_Nut 1910 days ago

So this is the award winning BBQ coverage...

MarcoSic58 1912 days ago

Jake should run things like this more offen

philliplegg 1913 days ago

Come on Jake... real men cook on FIRE! Ditch the gas and buy a charcoal beauty...!

Leaz01 1913 days ago

Why is he so afraid of the sausage?!

purplepickles 1913 days ago

Jake take down the noose, we are not blaming you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam_Rou 1913 days ago

haha nice jack wills polo classic!

ShanksHD 1913 days ago

Bad choice on the pink situation! lol

LauraDayDreamer 1913 days ago

Guys i have his twitter Now thank you to x

markhenderson_ 1913 days ago

Sorry, But Jake is putting a not so sleek F1 style doggy doooo on the bbq

Milky_Nutkins 1913 days ago

Looks like he's good at handling meaty tackle.

krustymillerz 1913 days ago

...Excuse fingers. Nice meat! Not you Jake. Tut tut tut

SarahGardom 1913 days ago

wow he can come round and have a bbq with me anytime he wants he is dreamy!

malgordon1972 1913 days ago

its a george foreman grill not a indoor bbq haha

houseofkurt 1913 days ago

this is more like danger bbq(ing) you live wild fearne :P

LeAnneSimoneOto 1913 days ago

Dont burn anythin i always have tht problem lol x

LauraDayDreamer 1913 days ago

aww Jake's awesome, has he got twitter?

seanmooney96 1913 days ago

what a poofter wearing jack wills

Master_Darren 1913 days ago

well where oh where were you, Fearne?

SweepFan 1913 days ago

BBQ Indoors?

DeborahMcNamara 1913 days ago

Check out the BBQ skills