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Thanks to my sister (@GloriaFallon123) for the awesome surprise present!! We used to love these!!

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2030 days ago

Thanks to my sister () for the awesome surprise present!! We used to love these!!


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pattypepper1 2030 days ago

Seriously Fallon...this is the best your sister can do...just saying.

jaredbly 2030 days ago

Those are awesome! I would be thrilled to find one these days! Are you gonna use it?

mizanguiano 2030 days ago

I want one! Do they work?

norskanne 2030 days ago

My sister and I used these when we were kids, years ago! A fun treat!!

KrisC75 2030 days ago

OMG! We had these as kids also, haven't seen 1 in years! i <3 them and miss mine a lot

Tracy_S_Kimball 2030 days ago

We just used to roll the orange around and squeeze it until it was squishy and then we'd cut a hole in the orange and suck out the juice. I've never seen this thing before.

SnowMaster99 2030 days ago

Sounds like a winner. Don't you love winning?!

Malaya_Ladz 2030 days ago

yeah, neat present. good for u, Jimmy^^,

bradengw 2030 days ago

nice ... I have used those before

maddog049 2030 days ago

thats cool where can i get one

TOGETCC 2030 days ago

Wow that's neat . Never seen this b4. Love to try it.

DaniellePlut 2030 days ago

In Girls Scouts we used one of those straight Candycanes, never really worked.

DominicHouse 2030 days ago

Have never seen them in Canada..

_S_A_B_R_I_N_A_ 2030 days ago

OMG, I totally remember those from when I was a kid!!!!!!

OnTargetMedia1 2030 days ago

Back then I was too weak to sqeeeeeeze the orange to get anything out...my parents laughed thereassoff

CherylGallion 2030 days ago

They used to sell them at the LA County fair- and yes I've had several =)

Taosnadh 2030 days ago

yerp old school juice "box"

Mrdebonville 2030 days ago

Had gone to a "home show" in the 70's and they were demonstrating these...got sqirted in my hair!

seeStee74 2030 days ago

I've never seen these b4, but looks pretty interesting

osoGiGi 2030 days ago

Oh snap. That's freaking awesome.