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1334 days ago


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news_junkie 1326 days ago

cool name

melissagerman 1333 days ago

#VEGAN!! Bet it tastes like an Almond Joy candybar.

rgerdon 1334 days ago

I love chocolate and I love coconut but I FREAKING LOVE them together :)

tylerhans21 1334 days ago

Sounds great!!!!! can't wait to try it. i eat these bars like candy.

roundenround 1334 days ago

Sounds really good and has the ingredients I love! Might be a contender for my favorite next to the peanut & pretzel!

DigitalCarrie 1334 days ago

Looks fantastic! I had the peanut & pretzel Mojo bar today and it was awesome. Can't wait to try this!!

BrianFitzwater 1334 days ago

Looks great and should be an awesome snack during the day or a long ride.

ohmissval 1334 days ago

oh yum! I just had a dipped chocolate and peanut bar yesterday. almond and coconut sounds delicious!

vincepags 1334 days ago

Sounds like a Great new flavor! Can't wait to try it!

ScottShoaf 1334 days ago

Coconut makes everything better. It may even improve bacon, and that's the perfect food.

TuckerJacob 1334 days ago

Sounds like a tasty, healthy Caribbean dessert. I would definitely add this to my Clif bar rotation.