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#medmystery this type of brain injury is more common in cities than in rural area. any guesses?

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1791 days ago

#medmystery this type of brain injury is more common in cities than in rural area. any guesses?


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Micronanobot 1761 days ago

Its a lesion with old blood because it's not solid white. I guess stroke because its demarcated

ecurra19 1787 days ago

I am not a doctor. My guess intracerebral bleed with edema. I wonder. Does this can also happen to MS patients?

hpmmsudo 1791 days ago

Intracerebral bleed with edema, skull looks intact-so i vote for blunt trauma not penetrating.

celina322 1791 days ago

police car noise irritation of the brain :)

gelberb 1791 days ago

Left parietal cerebral contusion,probably from blunt trauma such as assault with a baseball bat

alykhanmawji 1791 days ago

Doesn't seem like physical trauma, more pathological, but cant figure out what, must be a disease

CarisSevern 1791 days ago

Subdural hematoma from intra-aural insertion of peanut M&M's, definitely.

mamag17 1791 days ago

Blunt trauma from fall on pavement ie street/sidewalk found more in cities than in rural areas.

js_lauf 1791 days ago

Blunt force trauma--> I'm going to go with either an assault (w/ a baseball bat) or a car accident (victim hit his head on side-panel of car or a window)

LilianMuoki 1791 days ago

Is it stress

BariSurgPsych 1791 days ago


brittanystweets 1791 days ago

Blunt trauma from a bus mirror.

kjtravers2002 1791 days ago

My guess was whiplash - from congestion of traffic and rear end collisions from people following too closely.

Blackword 1791 days ago

umm Bike courier first guesses a single impact even with a helmet. opps

jazza1975 1791 days ago

mmm looks really nasty but i think it looks look blunt force trauma, reason being the brain looks swollen on the left or the brain, (i know on the pic it is on the right but this is actually the left of the brain.) and there is no sign of a skull fracture

KingofHeartsMO 1791 days ago

blunt force trauma/slip on steps/on ice? Fall while intoxicated? (in rural wdB hit by rolling pin.

NiKiTaRN901 1791 days ago

it's looks like some type of blunt force trauma....look at the swelling on the right side of the pic

treehows 1791 days ago

gunshot wound? In the country, people who are shot get that way as a last resort. In the city, shooting someone seems to be the first thought.

WillWeremecki 1791 days ago

My original thought was brain swelling from a bullet wound, could be blunt trauma from cars too.