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Bella and my new bird:)

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1824 days ago

Bella and my new bird:)


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harrycurl_s 1109 days ago

Bella always is so cutee!!

ThePaulaVavlis 1789 days ago

OMG!!!!!! I ♥ BELLA *-------* Sooooo sweet ;)

LuuciiaGL 1802 days ago

omg! So Cute!!

dreamlannd 1822 days ago

My dog it's like yours,but mine is male and black and white!:) they're so cute!

_DemiIsAWarrior 1822 days ago

They look soooooo cute Aww <3 <3

babbiiepumpkinx 1823 days ago

They are both so cute and sweet x <3

ddlovatoev 1823 days ago

yaayyy soo cute!!!$:$

giuly_7 1823 days ago

awwwww it's so cute!♥ I have one like that! I love bella's chignons♥ how is called the bird?

suzylyma 1823 days ago

awnn eles são tão fofos Maddie! <3 *-----*

MaddieSimpson97 1823 days ago

Aww, i use to have a bird like that, but we had to give him away :(

pinkyjuney 1823 days ago

how cute !!! and bella with 2 cute bows :) so thats the it a male bird? that bird look like a king or prince somehow...

borntodevonne 1823 days ago

Awwwn <3

DemiUnbrookeen 1823 days ago

aww so cute :)

alinermahe 1823 days ago

i have one just like that 2

ste_lovato 1823 days ago

awn! i have one just like that!!!

Camiga_Carol 1823 days ago

calopsita (bird) is so cuteee *-* / Is one calopsita right? =S

savysingsasong 1824 days ago

Awee!!! I used to have a bird just like that!! Her name was Tinkerbell :)

SWACChannyFan 1824 days ago

Aww Bella is so cute! xD

_santiagoingrid 1824 days ago

aww they're so cutte Madd!

GRACEisPUNK 1824 days ago

Aww cute! <3