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The War Between Developers, Designers & Project Managers (translated by @alextoul)

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1911 days ago

The War Between Developers, Designers & Project Managers (translated by )


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kiyotune 1448 days ago

kmiyazawa 1868 days ago


ScartAndMasha 1878 days ago

tearjerker! :)

Shald56 1906 days ago

Всем привет,все замечательно удачи!!

patrickbuechler 1906 days ago

so true...

PeyoteShort 1907 days ago

I'm happy I don't have to be one of the other two.

mordent_kr 1907 days ago

I.. Agree...

flashopen 1908 days ago


jmaciasm 1908 days ago

true story, fantastic job guys !

deg_io 1908 days ago

Pure GOLD! Nuff said...

TherapyDropOut 1908 days ago

This is awesome!

DVD_PT 1908 days ago

Sooooo True XD.

nicechester 1908 days ago

love it!

nemuriko82 1908 days ago

How true! :D

gmd2 1908 days ago

The art of perception - or should that be deception?

Ulrichgero 1908 days ago

Designer 4Ever

crashhelmet 1909 days ago


icelava 1909 days ago

fantastic. bestest.

srBeholder 1909 days ago

I couldnt agree more!!

alextoul 1909 days ago

All credits go to (couldn't find who was the creator before)