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Formed in Anaheim, California in 1986, No Doubt is @GwenStefani, @TomDumontND, @TonyKanal and @AdrianYoungND.

More singing - can u believe we r still doing this?! Gx

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1858 days ago

More singing - can u believe we r still doing this?! Gx


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jamesx1299 1850 days ago

Gwen.. do you ever think we will see you in movies??... I wish...

Magician22 1856 days ago

Back for more? Ok..WE don't move in any pariticular direction, and we don't take no collections...I want

Saul_LC 1856 days ago

No puedo esperar a escuchar su nuevo album! >.<

rico1eight1 1857 days ago

yum yum yum

Evershambles 1857 days ago

yay! for bringing back the bindi!

Giusi_gurL 1857 days ago

Yay for bindi love! :)))))))

JohnDuran3 1857 days ago

Gwen looks great!.... can't wait for a tour!!..

GwenFergLove 1857 days ago


DannyBelo 1857 days ago


Agakat 1857 days ago

Nice bindi.

GGNDRiRock 1857 days ago

You've sung every-single year since 1986 - 2011 (maybe not 2008, on a demo, live or whatever, you may have sung to your new lil boy that you had in 08, but nothing that we can all hear!) So yeah, a loooooong time and you're STILL very amazing at it! 25 ye

jamesx1299 1857 days ago

She is a rare beauty!!! hoping she is treated as she deserves..

GGNDRiRock 1857 days ago

Gwen, you have no idea how many people are going crazy over you wearing a bindi (again!) If the NDC was up (it's down atm D:) then you'd be able to see :P

JuarenzeJr 1857 days ago

It will be awesome, can whait to hear. Many tks from Brazil!!!!

cataret 1858 days ago


Full_at_last 1858 days ago

14 years waiting you come back to Spain, can u believe it? Lol
You changed your bindi cause you are married

NatalieNDrocks 1858 days ago

you need to get out of there

Gerard_Vera 1858 days ago

Amazing can't wait to listen to your new material!

AdeleKThomas 1858 days ago

old skool bindi! :D Makes me feel 16 again. Cant wait to hear the album.

maevre 1858 days ago

Arg, not the damn bindi again. Otherwise, yay.