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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Got to meet the lovely Karen Gillan!! #DoctorWho

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1802 days ago

Got to meet the lovely Karen Gillan!! #DoctorWho


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gglo1801 1698 days ago

holy crap she is tall!

MK62 1796 days ago

I had no idea she was that tall or you were that short. wow.

stratoslion 1799 days ago

idont nyhing but this foto is perfect

Jamied_1992 1801 days ago

Grant, I believe this is classed as a win for geeks worldwide.

astroroach 1802 days ago

When will the robotic version be ready?

Freckkles 1802 days ago

That's what I call an Ear-to-Ear smile!

gardgoldsmith 1802 days ago

You lucky, lucky man. I wonder how this came about... Hope you got to work together! Dig ya both.

swordedge 1802 days ago

Karen Gillan is listed as 5'11" Grant is mid five feet max.

AwesomeChildxD 1802 days ago

Can you two spread your awesomness around instead of sharing it with each other please? Thanks 3

TheDoctorOfWho 1802 days ago

Were her legs really that long! HOT! Your one lucky guy!

Twobit333 1802 days ago

You know what they say about short guys...

bbrom00 1802 days ago

Don't be so tough on Grant. She probably has 5" heels on.

pixelsofu 1802 days ago

MAke that...You're a lucky LITTLE man !

HoptonChris 1802 days ago

you are a lucky lucky bastard. i hate you, you're leading MY life

ChrispyCritter 1802 days ago

From a quick search Grant is 5'6"..Karen is a tall glass a water still though lol...

MxSmith3 1802 days ago

So pretty... Karen that is. Sorry Grant. Also, she sooo towers over you :p

dogtrainer89 1802 days ago

Dude you are lucky

Fordwv724 1802 days ago

Wow! Either she's really tall, or you're really short!

JudoSquash 1802 days ago

I need to be a professional geek! So many perks...

RomeoGoodfellow 1802 days ago