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Team G has been asking 4 this 4 awhile. I tend 2 b a "runner" & get lost, so...

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2007 days ago

Team G has been asking 4 this 4 awhile. I tend 2 b a "runner" & get lost, so...


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Lainer 2002 days ago

I know you wanted to have the baby quickly and race out of the hospital but, your umbilical cord is still attached to the child. Or didn't you notice? ;)

bdrde 2006 days ago

I like these monkey backpacks also. Sometimes I wear one and walk on a leash. I feel safer with it and can not be lost :-)

StevenJFritchie 2006 days ago

I'm getting tired just looking at this! LOL

ThatsWhatsCrazy 2006 days ago

you go, gurl!!!

agressionown 2006 days ago

I love this. I was waiting for someone to be brave enough to do it. God bless you KGriffin!

NCTahoez71 2006 days ago

My harness is leather and studded. Not sure the monkey on the back would send the right message.

JanaPruka 2006 days ago

The harness goes on the child, you should be holding the leash...How did you get that one wrong?

ogmateo 2006 days ago

I think there are many adults that need a harness!!! Love it!!!

JEMITCH95 2006 days ago

Ahh...child labor....you gotta love it!!

GinaGMcG 2007 days ago

Good thing ur on a leash in case a big gust of wind comes along! Ya need more Waffle House!

JCOMANSE 2007 days ago

Luv it! You are one crazy .....! Giddy up pony!

Not_OkayDotCom 2007 days ago

hahahah! This is great Kathy! Love it!!! Don't forget to attach the chest straps next time! haha

AlexAngelica 2007 days ago

I can proudly say I was walking by just as this picture was taken on Pearson St. in Streeterville!

impossiblebones 2007 days ago

Good lord, children of the corn turned Kathy inside out!

Mnoriega777 2007 days ago

Wow! You're tearing it up! But, pullease... why the UGLY pony!? Just do a regular one!!!

HaliJenn 2007 days ago

LOL. reminds me of Mike Myers' "Hyper Hypo" sketch from SNL. awesome :)

CHOCOLATEvsCHER 2007 days ago

omg this is 2 freakin funny. Such a Kathy moment. Laughed so hard I just about pissed myself <3

singh_michael 2007 days ago

Very cute. Both of you. Kathy may I ask are coming to Australia later in the year?

emmafrost8 2007 days ago

ok this is peculiar.but in an entertaining disturbing kinda way.

CALIFORNIALUV84 2007 days ago

oh........my god. ahahahahaha