Ms. Lauryn Hill


Ms. Lauryn Hill’s prolific rhymes catapulted her into the public eye as a member of the Fugees & as a solo artist with her debut The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

A message from Ms. Lauryn Hill (Cc: @RoMarley):

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2002 days ago

A message from Ms. Lauryn Hill (Cc: ):


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RyanJosey1 1884 days ago

lol not sure if I just tweeted you 1st time on twitter

RyanJosey1 1884 days ago

If this is the real Lauryn Hill, please respond to this Question! Once God wakes you up to the truth; Where can you go? Because the enemy uses Every1! No1 understands and the harvest is no longer pleanty.

aditriyatmoko 1945 days ago

Peace, love and Blessings!!!

albazworld 1961 days ago

Thank God and Mother Mary for you and the baby's health. All the wisdom and knowledge you have bestowed upon me I can only imagine what you teach your children, they are truly blessed to have you both as their mother! Take care and may God continue to Ble

GrimLeRogue 1997 days ago

loving da hair! & da lips! & da LEGS! makes me wanna feel dumb enuff 2walk n2 a store & steal ;)

obertnyankhundi 1999 days ago

celebrate marriages @ it again! the worst thing is having children wit diffent fathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope_asefa 1999 days ago

congras, bless ur heart, if u did not encapsule ur placenta (i hope not to weird) a medicane man that our family sees, gave me a tincture from divine creationz ( a little company) called menopause 9the label dont matter!! its the best ive found to balanc

nugzaurus 2000 days ago


honeevilles 2001 days ago

Dear Mrs. Hill-Marley,
First of all let me start off by saying that you are a beautiful person inside and out and we are blessed an honor to have you in our lives and
congratulations on your achievements &
& being a great mother and artist Jesus

cha762003 2001 days ago

lauren your soo unique and special..... best wishes to you and your new born!!

poisonivy1189 2001 days ago

Hey Lauryn, I am glad it is not his,,,, I am glad you moved on, I wish you all the best you have a beautiful family.....I grew up in HOODAVILLE we are strong women... Blessed

Jnee88 2001 days ago

glad to hear ur doing well! congrats to u, ro and ur fam on new babe! :D

peacefulsteph 2002 days ago

Congratulations on your latest addition to the family. Every good and perfect gift comes from above.

luckyluciana 2002 days ago

God Bless you Lauryn Hill and your ever expanding, BEAUTIFUL family. You are a gift from God and a National Treasure to this current but always fleeting state of music in which we find ourselves. ...May your name forever be remembered and spoken...Peace

ExExpatriate1 2002 days ago

If Rohan truly values privacy some1 should tell Isabeli not 2post intimate pics...which he then retweets.

ExExpatriate1 2002 days ago

Why everyone makes such a big deal about Isabeli when Debbie was around the past year is a mystery

stacyivory 2002 days ago

Peace & Blessings!!!

bmb_afcb 2002 days ago

How sad you are forced to resort to this when you should just be enjoying your new baby :(