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A picture of my bear ass

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1887 days ago

A picture of my bear ass


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CindiDK 1886 days ago

Why do you tease us so????? ;)

SarahJane926 1887 days ago

Hahaha love it! And what a cute Bear Ass it is too :-)

ticklemepliant 1887 days ago

oh pooh

SharonfromPA 1887 days ago

Hey I had my Winnie the Pooh, Eore & Tigger Bibbed Overall's Shorts Friday night! UR so Bad!

hope1026se 1887 days ago

I was almost afraid to look! But as always curiosity won out! Really Cute!!!

Conlee5 1887 days ago

Haha! (However, tricking people like this, you should be embearassed!!!) ;-D

UltamitAssassin 1887 days ago

xD lol jimmy thats funny and adorable!!

julieNwyoming 1887 days ago

Shirley, I thought of the "out of my underwear" pic too. Lol! That was hilarious!

JTTalks 1887 days ago

That's " pooh & Eore " LOL

julieNwyoming 1887 days ago

Hahaha! "Bear" ass...I thought you misspelled again but nope! ;) Your ass is cute. Lol!

TexasGirl4Ever 1887 days ago

is this a competition to see who's ass is better? Yours!!! but to be sure please post a pic of it so we can vote. ;)

LTLWOLF 1887 days ago

UR so funny!! Have a GR8 evening!

SAPope 1887 days ago

Adorable, I love Eeyore! U were trying to pull a "this is me out of my underwear" again:)

ccgreengirl 1887 days ago

U wanted to see if u had our attention? YUP!!!!!

shells2boys 1887 days ago

LOL...I started laughing before opening this up, knowing full well it wouldn't be UR ass!