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Here's a digital drawing I just finished making. I call it: "The Transformation".

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1830 days ago

Here's a digital drawing I just finished making. I call it: "The Transformation".


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Hibari56_AE_Fan 1534 days ago

Drakath looks like wolverine getting chaorrupted.

RathianFB 1734 days ago

Teach me :3

KnightAQW 1779 days ago

He didn't "Painted" it. Read the description, it says he DIGITALY drew it.

sawor_ae 1785 days ago

Yeah nice idea :)

playerxx 1791 days ago

drakath when he was infected by chaos. a full story in-game would be nice

marchall_abrar 1798 days ago

what is this

Zero_HF 1807 days ago

did...did.......did are this Drakath ?

SephiraTenshi 1808 days ago


666zackaqw 1810 days ago

make sword of nulgath a wep :D not in jugger quest tho >.> ik how u love adding to jugger so stop D:

666zackaqw 1812 days ago

make new sets like evolved shadow,fiend ,blood,hex void but dont make them jugger or need old verions:)

alpha567 1812 days ago

could you plz tell me how my cyber wolf looks like http://twitpic.com/64zvkq

FadingRage 1815 days ago

Need 11 dark crystal shards of nulgath and 1 totem before i finish juggernaut.

Sdaerf123 1815 days ago

Drakath, where's your shirt? D:

shakawatislam 1819 days ago

nic lov the transformation....

microman123 1819 days ago

this would be a good transforming Armour for aqw anyway I love the detail

DTAQW 1820 days ago

So this is a picture of Drakath giving in to Chaos? It looks like it would fit it well.

NocturneEntity 1821 days ago

I would actually respect that truth, if it weren't attached to the English of a ostentasious twit.

FadingRage 1821 days ago

Are your Juggernaut Items of Nulgath going rare or is it just a myth.

CivilPhoenix 1821 days ago

ey brah, Keep the Creative Juicez Flown, Good work!

Osiriz05 1821 days ago

It's drakath cuz remember he has chaos eye on his body and spikes on his shoulder???????It's drakath ...... So obvius.... -_-