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Introducing Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, HPD. #H50

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1799 days ago

Introducing Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, HPD. #H50


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alexlifepink 1793 days ago

Perfect ... looks great sir! Thank you for sharing.

meikatlaz 1796 days ago

not 5-0 after?:P Season 2 come soon! woot!

Peacefulwild 1796 days ago

Hot!!! Love a man in a uniform.

TheKimGarcia 1798 days ago

wow! you look great! very handsome sir! :)))

hope1026se 1798 days ago

Thanks for sharing! As always, very handsome!!

H50Germany 1798 days ago

Love men in uniform harrrrrrrrrrr. Seriously, awesome pic! You look great! Thx 4 sharing!

Cherish4 1798 days ago

Oooh very smart! #H50

Radazzle 1798 days ago

Thanks. It's a fantastic photo.

susanjspaulding 1799 days ago

Great Pic!! HPD #H50

shirik1 1799 days ago

oh i was such a bad girl officer Chin! please book me (-;

mariengom_h 1799 days ago


angelikanais 1799 days ago

OMG... You look so hot in this uniform... besos from venezuela

MouseLME 1799 days ago

LOVE a man in uniform.

cape_codder 1799 days ago

Mahalo for the great picture! You're in another hit, & that's great! Best!

ForestMaid 1799 days ago

o0o0o O.O you do look nice in uniform

satanisDOOMED 1799 days ago

Awwww yeah! I like this look too. but then again you look HOT in anything.

swax1 1799 days ago

Daniel,you look pretty cool in this Lieutenant uniform here.go ! B-) #H50

staceyj64 1799 days ago

We love our #H50 men in their uniforms!!!

MaiYiaVue 1799 days ago

Tough guy!

springmansgirl 1799 days ago

Hot, hot, hot!