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Royalty4 2332 days ago

so many lives lost but so many more saved because of it thx 2 them all

tsquires047 2332 days ago


Scientist777 2376 days ago

you are an inspiration

Sharbearcle 2377 days ago

I know what you mean..I sure wish they would have said I looked like I could be KT little sister LOL LOL!

Sharbearcle 2377 days ago

Your cute too, matter of fact my friends say I look like I could be your little sister. Can't be all about you all the time. KT is HOT!!

Sharbearcle 2378 days ago

How about some pic's of KT. Suze might be the smart one, but KT is the HOT one!!!

realift 2378 days ago

Thanks! Brings back memories=20 yrs. worked at the Presidio; civilian and military. Thanks again!

MisterAnnoying 2378 days ago

Thanks Suze & KT! Thoughts go back to my Grandpa and his WWI stories. We are so lucky that those before us fought 100% selflessly for our freedoms. -Jim

CommanderBear 2378 days ago

Hey,Suze! You should take one of KT!!!

CommanderBear 2378 days ago

Great pic.How about one with both of you together.

episcopalian 2379 days ago


seascape7 2379 days ago

KT takes great pics. Does she give you the camera?Have a great holiday.

Auro1 2379 days ago

Great photo again, KT takes great photos I'm an amateur photographer wish we could get together sometime to take some I use Nikons and you?

Tanann5 2379 days ago

of course great hair again!!!!

Cheri_Elliott 2379 days ago

Stunning, symbolic support. Nicely done, Suze & KT. ; )

julieadev 2379 days ago

wow you look good in this pic

riwired 2379 days ago

Nice. Love the scarf!

kwesterman 2379 days ago

KT has a good eye on taking photos.

yarnhead 2379 days ago

I like this.