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The truth about Baker Street.

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1281 days ago

The truth about Baker Street.


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bethisapebble 1257 days ago

that's depressing

MissEllenMan 1277 days ago

??? 221B Baker Street ???

ChristianTanner 1278 days ago

It looks... unreal?

akimoku 1278 days ago

There's another larger version of this somewhere to film the hobbits, right?

madendorphin 1278 days ago

budgeting problem?LOL

stilettov 1281 days ago

look at all the toys! Neat perspective trick, too. Would love to see the corresponding shot.

Cherish4 1281 days ago

I knew it! LOL #Sherlock

flhcat 1281 days ago

#Sherlock : wanna see some more? "oh, GOD YES!"

B3tan_Tyronne 1281 days ago

Baker Street? ..but there is no sign of a sax solo anywhere in this pic!

fabianakawazoe 1281 days ago

Baker Street!!!! \o/

girlsinkhearts 1281 days ago


kevinwest80 1281 days ago

The real exterior shots are of North Gower Street, just down the (long) road from the real Baker Street! I used to live in the flat opposite, which was blown up in episode 3. Glad I moved. :-/

MiddleManor 1281 days ago

I think my first flat in London was in one of the buildings opposite.

AbelUndercity 1281 days ago

I remember a TV pilot in the 80's where Holmes was revived from suspended animation and found that 221b had become a McDonald's.

CaptainAndyman 1281 days ago

because the real Baker St. now has "SHERLOCK HOLMES MUSEUM" written on it?

franky_floyd 1281 days ago

heres an idea... why didnt you just use, oh, i dont know, baker street?!

Greebobek 1281 days ago

I presume this is the Baker Street as seen in Sherlock? Otherwise, the world is a lot stranger than it seems

PeteWMarshall 1281 days ago

You mean... TV is lies?!?! Nooooo!