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#NewPuppyTweet #Phoenix #Minpins

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1828 days ago

#NewPuppyTweet #Phoenix #Minpins


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rhynedavenport 1816 days ago

awwww dis is sooooo adorwable

Pyxie1977 1825 days ago

Too cute for words...and I'm a cat person

baganized 1826 days ago

hez soo freakin cute

cutesydolphin 1827 days ago

Too cute!!!!!

Lupita_GarzaG 1827 days ago

He's so friggin' cute!!

Princessof_dark 1827 days ago

aawww he's so cute !!

bansheekat 1827 days ago

Sweetie pie.

karlamartinezx3 1827 days ago

awwwww xD how cute!!!

Miami_girl1 1827 days ago

oh how cute! :)

Julie_Elwood 1827 days ago

Nothing smells like a puppy. :)

nanettekiefer 1827 days ago

Awww so cute. Wish I was brave like you my Rottie passed 06 still can't bring myself to get another

verntar123 1828 days ago

aaawwwww!! this little one is so precious!!! You could tweet pics all day and i couldn't get enough

sahshastates 1828 days ago

Im so glad he makes your heart happy.

GAC_Cobra 1828 days ago

He is so adorable! I actually love him lol. #thatsoundsweird #itstrue

ZombieT_326 1828 days ago

aww hes actually awake! did he get up to piss on somethin or eat somethin up? ;) #luvpuppies

ChrissyMarieee 1828 days ago

awwwwe omg your so lucky! hes so cute!

LoriThornhill 1828 days ago

OMG what a baby!! i would so spoil that dog!

FionaMac1605 1828 days ago

Someone get this pup a GAC tshirt, stat! :)

LextheKitteh 1828 days ago

Awww :')

tiger_lilly33 1828 days ago

Sooo, Damn Adorable! #MinPins are so cute!