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What was important was not that the begger was drunk and reeling, but that he was mounted on his horse, and however unsteadily, was going somewhere. Thomas Wolf

time to clean the pool--

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1497 days ago

time to clean the pool--


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Cat_Schwartz 1450 days ago


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GabbyIndigo 1493 days ago

The mermaid in the pool reminds me of the book and movie, "Aquamarine". Thanks for sharing, John!

seabass1234 1495 days ago

Jeffrey was going to have sex with that mermaid but he wanted some head from a mermaid whos top half was fish...

Big_Bubba_B 1496 days ago

So who ate the fish? Giggity

mattisemangrl 1496 days ago

Are those fart bubbles in front of ?

lmoren69 1496 days ago

What do you think of the Sun Jeff ? Dig it ? Its free !

4u2race 1496 days ago


AmiBeth 1497 days ago

Standard, typical day...

suecostello 1497 days ago

Also u see my pic? that's the one u saw in the mag and said I was thinking "f u I'm Madonna:)"

suecostello 1497 days ago

Jeff u've nevah look hawtah

GenericWahlberg 1497 days ago

Like ,where the hell did Stamos come from?..Need a fence..Or is that just a real cool Wine chiller?

GenericWahlberg 1497 days ago

Think I could put a hook threw my tongue?

jeffglines 1497 days ago

Ross looks like a Safeway Butterball.

madhatter2000 1497 days ago

thats a nice set of boobs you got there, i mean jeffrey ross jk