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Hello Twitter. I promise not to say anything too stupid.

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1857 days ago


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phantomwhale 1856 days ago

Epic. Just epic. Speechless with epic.

DemonicSymphony 1856 days ago

There is too much awesome in this picture for it to be fully comprehended.

DrKillswitch 1856 days ago

This is the most awesomely epic photobombed photo ever! Question though, can you name the face inbetween you an ?

toph42 1856 days ago

When I saw , I didn't think "Zombie," I thought "Reaver!"

McCarthyMR 1856 days ago

ok, great.. no.. fantastic photo. But I gotta ask.. What are the 2 horn things coming outa 's Head?

BethWheeler 1856 days ago

I love Fillion's face in the back. You all look like your having a blast!

Seyoay 1857 days ago

Epic photo ever :D ... poor just had time to pop her head out :)

HeyRed 1857 days ago


Sulien77 1857 days ago

Yeesh! looks downright Satanic there! Wonder if he's channeling Caleb?

StephenChast 1857 days ago

Honestly, it looks like you've been photo-bombed by Marvel characters. Nathan's hulking out and the dude behind you is manifesting some sort of psychic power!

wpavlik2 1857 days ago

I love the multiple photobombs! The best part is I didn't know could unhinge his jaw.

MIKocwin 1857 days ago

I also thought zombie looking at

Coulterish 1857 days ago

Seth: Hey look, !
Will: Hey, it's me!
Nathan F: BRAINS! *devours skull in one bite*

elenamsac 1857 days ago


SpiderMonkey30s 1857 days ago

OMG, it's a triple, NO, QUADRUPLE Photobomb!

martijaxn 1857 days ago

either stepped on 's foot, or he's going to eat your brainzzzz...