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McDonalds Wi-Fi Guide. Windows VS Mac ... "Says it all!"

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1101 days ago

McDonalds Wi-Fi Guide. Windows VS Mac ... "Says it all!" — with <a href="/photos/macpricesaus">@macpricesaus</a> (Mac Prices Australia)


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1rachatcredit 986 days ago

Yes with this it is very simple !! thanks to

mutuelle2 993 days ago

Wiki in Mc Donalds are very usefull !

lady0123gaga 1071 days ago

Ah ah, excellente vidéo. J'ai la même en mutuelle pour

GiPLL 1095 days ago


FluffyTewwyJune 1096 days ago

I see how all of you are saying people got scammed on getting a Mac. I have Ubuntu, meaning all of you got scammed :D

fluxx23 1097 days ago

Ha! Love how they intentionally over complicate the windows xp and 7 methods...

strangeseraph 1098 days ago

I signed into a local McDonalds wifi connection with my ipod touch. It worked once, and NEVER again! X(

SMVisualLab 1098 days ago

I'll just have a Bic Mac!

kerethpowell 1098 days ago

I'm a  Mac owner, but NOT a naive one. Read eHow

Freeman0032 1098 days ago

too funny #apple

thueringen_de 1098 days ago

If You Can Read You are clearly way ahead

S_Flame 1099 days ago

mac is better...

Toscana_toscana 1099 days ago

i like thius
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Samela_Lays 1099 days ago


ChrisLambe7 1099 days ago


QuantumMenace 1099 days ago

Wait! Macs are't idiot-proof? U have 2B the dumbest Mac user to resort 2 this flier 2 connect.