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This bag is like a black diamond! My new every day accessory #SOPIP

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1499 days ago

This bag is like a black diamond! My new every day accessory #SOPIP


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StellaChouu 1296 days ago


ShaNYluv 1452 days ago


GlitterLady83 1488 days ago

I want this bag too!

MimiFanatic 1489 days ago


FidanBn 1497 days ago

sold out! x(

thebiebsfanclub 1498 days ago

wow :,] looks great <3

meshartley 1499 days ago

I bought it 2 days ago. Can't wait to get it. Thanks MC- so pretty : ).

SoniiaLuvzMimi 1499 days ago

iit isz #SOPIP ^.^

honeybMA 1499 days ago

I need that in my life! Lol. So cute!

smartgurl24 1499 days ago

I'm ready to spend some money tonight

Dani3ll 1499 days ago

... My birthday was Friday, and that bag would have matched my birthday shoes PERFECTLY!

MileidyLima 1499 days ago

oh I like it

faithangel512 1499 days ago

I love this purse I ordered it yesterday! Sooo excited to get it! Its so me, sweet, sexy, elegant, sparkly and beautiful hehe lol not to toot my own horn but toot toot

onmyradar 1499 days ago

Beautiful! I love it.

tristalyn 1499 days ago

I like it alot but it's too flashy for every day. Would be a great evening out bag tho!

natric01 1499 days ago

WOW, its beautiful!!!!!! I am a HUGE fan of butterflies too-would LOVE to own one.

CherryMis 1499 days ago

luv it best thing bout it is the butterflies only prob how much does it coast

PanshyBiebs_1D 1499 days ago

Woww i love it