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I pretend to be other people... In real life that's called schizophrenia. If you get paid to do it its called acting.

Greetings from the MaldivEs... :)

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1665 days ago

Greetings from the MaldivEs... :)


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Lolypop82 1487 days ago

I went scuba diving for the first time last Saturday and I don't look good like you in my pics LOL

Addicted_oncer 1552 days ago

i like your hair xD haha

jonasskyline 1633 days ago

You= BLESSED ! wow so cool !!

AnoekJongen 1633 days ago

also been there, it's one off the most beautifull places in the world!

LizzChr 1657 days ago

love this photo ;D very cute =PP

VerooValentina 1659 days ago


SashPoc 1660 days ago

good photo, so maybe fun swim

sushi_wahyuni 1662 days ago

Dr.Cullen "in the deep blue see" U ;)

Pilar09France 1663 days ago

the ocean is beautiful and you of course nice photo (: "

roserogers128 1663 days ago

I did my open water Skin Diver training in Leicester! I love anything to do with the sea..

VanessaIsMyLife 1663 days ago

LOL!!! So cute!!! Gotta go to Maldives :)

CaitlynlovesBSB 1664 days ago

Looks like loads of fun!

TeeGeeAy 1664 days ago

Soooooo jealous!

tukaevaelvira 1664 days ago


El_Veritas 1664 days ago

vampires can scuba!!!

amyroxs18 1664 days ago

Wow Peter love this photo of you underwater :-) hope you had loads of fun diving!

JeanneT987 1665 days ago

Looks awesome! I hope u r enjoying yourself!

ChelseaHudgens 1665 days ago

looks interesting.. i hope u are having a great time... well deserved break :D

Xkirsty81X 1665 days ago

Hope you're having an awesome time! Well deserved break if you ask me :)

GEORDIETANIA 1665 days ago

Dum Dum dum Dum Dum OMG is that a fin behind u? no don't look! Haw Haw Haw!