Henry Lau


It's me...Henry!

Let's fly~
Up, up here we go, go
Where we stop nobody knows, knows ~

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1918 days ago

Let's fly~
Up, up here we go, go
Where we stop nobody knows, knows ~


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racheldo1 1846 days ago

it's far east movement of rocketeer feat ryan tedder,i have heard this song, I LOVE IT LET'S FLY!!!

gerralyntrocio 1883 days ago

here we go come with me . <3

NovaAnjellina 1898 days ago

But i know :p jk ^^ Gbu in ur way :)

egyugyu 1901 days ago

飞哪去 nobody knows...kekeke

EyeLinerIsSpify 1901 days ago

it sounded more like willy wonka to me...but i may just be crazy

Hi_Val75 1906 days ago

Far East Movement?

88xh 1916 days ago

Song 'Rocketeer by Far East Movement' ☺

Dkaynia0328 1917 days ago

haha..thats bruno mars song,right? nice to see u tweet again,henry!^^

Morgan_136 1917 days ago

For me, it's "Fly away", by Lenny Kravitz.

(YOU ROCK. Did you know that?)

marrymin 1917 days ago

I love that song!!!

hungjiarou 1917 days ago

快ㄎㄨㄞˋ回ㄏㄨㄟˊ來ㄌㄞˊ台ㄊㄞˊ灣ㄨㄢ吧ㄅㄚ˙~ miss you ~

jhedonghae 1917 days ago

fly high!

febee02 1917 days ago

I'll miss you, Henry oppa. :)

pumpkinmochi111 1917 days ago

take care, please! i can't say anything else. i just worried about you. i'll miss you! saranghae :)

dksdudek 1918 days ago

haha~ Is it 가사?? (O__O?)

mymusiciskpop 1918 days ago

Take Care always !!! :D

ELFPumpkins 1918 days ago

Nice 2 C Ur tweet again.Did U go somewhere?Take Henry ^^

YasAmani96 1918 days ago

hey~ its the song. but i forgot the title . LoL ~ -.-''

SoBnn 1918 days ago

Safe flight kid xoxo

JoannaXin 1918 days ago

i want to konw,is it come from a song called <Rocketeer>?please,please,tell me~thx~~N for traveling?