Pierre McGee


Pierre=Alter Ego 4th YR FOR THE WASHINGTON WIZARDS EMAIL JM34FANMAIL@YAHOO.COM I'm hip I'm slick and all the girls love my g.i. joe kung fu grip!

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#plankingInHongKongAirport #plankwars @agentzeroshow


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AnjelinR 1128 days ago


majOOOOOy 1134 days ago

hahaha now i like planking cuz of you!

ermels 1134 days ago

it;s Mcgee his planking also in hardcourt...nice fun

happYRosecheLLe 1135 days ago

again! MCGEE! doing planking :))

cherylborbajo 1135 days ago

you're the man ... it's fun to watch you do the planking

bbrAayy 1136 days ago

like it sir! the giant PLANKER!

RolandoBunagJr 1136 days ago

Hahaha! Crazy dude in Hong Kong!

iameckaii 1136 days ago

waa. crazy !! be careful okay :)

itsmeoriGEEnal 1136 days ago

are you kidding me??? this is you @??:D