Adam Baldwin


American Individual: RT ≠ Endorsement; Deletions = Disregard; Blocked = Liars, Intransigents, Intellectual Morons, the Irrational & Profane.

In which we may find comfort at #NerdHQ #SDCC ~

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1542 days ago

In which we may find comfort at #NerdHQ #SDCC ~


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Marcusbabe 1540 days ago

Joss isn't not doing it right Adam, let me show him how its done ;-)

PoisonPinkFluff 1542 days ago

XD I'll comfort you.....rawr

AbbyIcebox 1542 days ago

Shiny! :)

mamalayne 1542 days ago

Exponentially shiny. Thx for sharing.

RandomEmilie 1542 days ago

Oh my God, this pic is so shiny!!

JanetP1507 1542 days ago

AWESOME PIC!!!!!! <3 u guys!!!

arlasko 1542 days ago

Ingmar Bergman called, he wants his shtick back!

stephrc79 1542 days ago

Gotta love the Man Love.

LanneeChuckster 1542 days ago

ahaha!so sweet...

Xenaclone 1542 days ago


GAC_Fitz 1542 days ago

You look soo happy! lol