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Just got back 2 my hotel room & almost tripped on THIS!  I love the south!!!

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1664 days ago

Just got back 2 my hotel room & almost tripped on THIS! I love the south!!!


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risal_weblog 1615 days ago

TameraTy 1626 days ago

LMAO !! Glad to know no one was in your room cleaning it before you checked in !

Felipefischer 1663 days ago

So thats where I put that, Loved the show and am back in Pensacola Fl. Was at the 10:30 show URock

DonnieEngle 1663 days ago

There's my 8ball.....sorry gurl.
Bag down bag down

HolMarKid 1664 days ago

Motel 6 room service calling, here's your bag of benwa balls you ordered!! ;-)

LesleydaNash 1664 days ago

Geez, people it's a cocaine bag

4everCHERished 1664 days ago

Come on was is it? Really

LeeFoster4 1664 days ago

OMG that has to be a condom for women...right???

jenAM_i 1664 days ago

Eeeeeeewwwww. Grodee

sissybild 1664 days ago

Deep fry it and it will taste better!

vakeeshan24 1664 days ago

what is this?

SamLapidus 1664 days ago

kate gosslein never lets her kids go shoe-less in hotel rooms.now i think she does @ least 1 thing right

Aquariastrus 1664 days ago

Wow, pretty gross.

WWalkerWW 1664 days ago

Heard About This Farmer That Ran A Bed-N-BreakFast They Told Him They Only Wanted The Bed And Not The BreakFast. He Ask, Why Not? They Replied. We Will Live On The Fruit's Of Love. Two Days Later. The Farmer Knocks On Their Door. They Answer. His Only Req

bettypaige75 1664 days ago

What the???

WWalkerWW 1664 days ago

#PuntWW Love Is In The Air And A Wishful Thinker: Seen The BellHop Lately? The Canine Men-tality And Fantacy.

dumbofan21 1664 days ago

Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what this is!

ErinDoughertyKo 1664 days ago

Is that some kind of condom 4 women? I've never seen one, but it looks really odd! AUGHH!

margretwood 1664 days ago

WTF? Kathy what is this?

DavidBolsterli 1664 days ago

Is that a Coney Island whitefish or some sort of drug package?