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Cool nod from kindred Metal heads @theofficialA7X in new @guitarworld! RT if you'd love to see a BVB / A7X tour..!!

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1347 days ago

Cool nod from kindred Metal heads in new ! RT if you'd love to see a BVB / A7X tour..!!


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_Arch4ngel 1333 days ago

Seriously, BVB/A7X Tour. I would actually be happy for the rest of my life. Seeing you's live would actually make my life complete. No joke♥

FallenAngel6BVB 1344 days ago

oh. my. god. do. it. now. please. I would just die to see the best .. togetherr. ! ♥

SabrinaSatine 1344 days ago

I would die if I got to see my two favorite bands together!!<33

XQueenOfMusicX 1346 days ago

HELL YEA U guys should tour with them!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

VincentInRverse 1346 days ago

wow bvb and a7x in one tour they need to tour together!!!!!

BloodLustCurses 1347 days ago

okies now to youtube them >.< ( i knw i knw WTF!.... give me a break im in a isolated coutry what do u except ) T.T

karebearisdead 1347 days ago

Holy mother of hello kitty! HELL YEAHHH! I would fucking LOVE to see you guys together!!! <3 <3 <3

kammobley 1347 days ago

o yea

BubblemintVamp 1347 days ago

Holy fucking Hell yes!! I would KILL to see you guys together!!!!

BVB_emily 1347 days ago

Hellz yeah!!!!!!!!!!

HeartsStitches 1347 days ago


BailyeCarolina 1347 days ago


bringmetheham 1347 days ago

PLEEEEEEEEEASE! would be awesome! more in south america........ haha!

Tricia_Lynn 1347 days ago

i just saw this tweet and i think i died. i would LOVEEEEEEE IF YOU GUYS TOURED TOGETHER!! <3 PLEASE DO!

MirellaBVB 1347 days ago

Uh, PLEASE ??! :DD that's be freakin awesome :DD