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Ammo shopping!

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1589 days ago

Ammo shopping!


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reagansdc 1481 days ago

belanja banyak banget.. http://www.cent-anni.com

alyssamichele_ 1579 days ago

stfu this is just a random hobby..that's like saying if i paint, i consider myself Van Gogh..you make no fckn sense.

katmeeow 1582 days ago

It is THE most ridiculous thing to compare this pic with the norway massacre. Heidi does shooting as a sport. This is in no way offensive....she is not a violent psychopath.

dickbigdong 1584 days ago

WTF is this shit??? show us your tits!!!!

KLey69 1587 days ago

john, its her only expression. doc asked if she wanted this or happy for the rest of her life.

John_D314 1587 days ago

I see your expression and I LOVE IT....... but do you think Spencer gets it?!! lol, <3 ya Boo!!!

fings007 1588 days ago

i know you have to protect yourself sweetie but please don't shoot me. i just like to say hi to people and move on. thanks james

MartineOnstad 1588 days ago

This is really inappropriate Heidi. How can you post this after what happend in Norway?

PeterPratts 1589 days ago

Everyone is so jelly, they want to hurt you cause obvs they wanna be you....

Puhisko 1589 days ago

Little bit swollen face?
I also think it is inapproriate to post this picture here after what happeden in Norway....

glori_19_bel 1589 days ago

Oh god heidi.. you look awful after all those surgeries that you had ._.

Tcan1986 1589 days ago

touche girl...deleted my post :) ...had to, considering my huge mistake.i still think this is ina.

Idreamwidden 1589 days ago

first of all, in happened in norway. 2nd, this has nothing to do with it. thousands of people are hunting or doing other things with guns IN THIS MOMENT. so this is not inappropriate, in my opinion

bradddx 1589 days ago

who are you shooting ';)

ElBarbieMarley 1589 days ago

omg hello kitty's got some ammo!

PeterPratts 1589 days ago


ThaisCorreia3 1589 days ago