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THE SUN FRONT PAGE: Norway's 9/11 #skypapers

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1772 days ago

THE SUN FRONT PAGE: Norway's 9/11 #skypapers


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Martin_Hampton 1768 days ago

The Daily Mail is at it too:

M0djadji 1768 days ago

Ban the Murdoch scum. Kick this piece of shit out of the country.

MoGeorgeEastend 1769 days ago

JoelHarley 1769 days ago

Ironically, the real perpetrator is the sort of person you might imagine reads The Sun.

TheVpunch 1769 days ago

Not only is the headline moronic, but the camping giveaway a bit insensitive...

KEIYH 1770 days ago


S96 1770 days ago

Guess the problem is that journalists no longer "freely" can bug phones to get the facts!

NigelWatson4 1770 days ago

This is truly beneath contempt. Let's hope the campaign against lying journalists doesn't just stop with the NOTW. Let's remember that not only the Sun but the Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Star regularly spew out these hate-fuelled lies.

Tom_Goldthorpe 1770 days ago

how incredibly embarrassing

lafemmedujah 1770 days ago

aren't those journalists in the sun ashamed??? what is wrong with you people?!?! why didn't you hack someone's phone to find out who it was first!

M0djadji 1770 days ago

Sadly, the sun is a comic for retards and morons, who do not have the intelligence to think for them, and are happy to be told a complete pack of lies. I only wish someone could shut them down.

M0djadji 1770 days ago

Dear Norwegians, I am truly sorry for what has happened, and I am ashamed that this trash is allowed to be published,

MySapphireStar 1770 days ago

".. and the Sun is for people who can't read." from Sir Humphrey in Yes Minister

martinhyw 1771 days ago

Beneath contempt. The world would be better off without these right wing fucktards. In Norway, working for the tabloids or in our government. They are destroying the world.

TCorp 1771 days ago

"Al-Qaeda" is in quotes because the attacker is a right wing christian extremist.

ajamazing 1771 days ago

ODD. Skynews and Israeli Media had the news written before it happened. Al-Jazeera (and AlanFisher) linked it to Islam and Al-Queda.

wesleysonic 1771 days ago

It was a right-wing fascist who killed them. He was the same as the people who write this shit!

kodeetylerdahl 1771 days ago

There are still newspapers? Isn't everything online now? What a waste of trees!