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Are you excited about the new logo of the Winnipeg Jets? Join the conversation with #GoJetsGo

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1917 days ago

Are you excited about the new logo of the Winnipeg Jets? Join the conversation with #GoJetsGo


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junkyarddawg 1915 days ago

Don't care for them, I like this one better Glad we have a team again, should be fun

EvCoates 1915 days ago

This logo is one of the worst in the league, and isn't modern at all. It's 2011, not 1952.

icetruckers 1917 days ago

I am sooo excited about the new logo! I can't wait for the new season to start! #gojetsgo

Sarahdella2010 1917 days ago

I love the new logo, they did a great job

RowdyNoMore 1917 days ago

It's GREAT. I'm glad they went with something new. The respect shown to Canada and the RCAF is a very classy touch.

bakkenboy 1917 days ago

I LIKE IT !!!! modern with old style look evary one is going to have to buy new jerseys now .Tt,ll make the old jerseys collectable go jets go, go gets go

Guy2Point0 1917 days ago

Colors are depressing, font is stupid. There is no way I could wear anything in public with this on.

Guy2Point0 1917 days ago

This is completely amateur. Looks like it was taken off a can of beer. Should have a contest and voting.

Guy2Point0 1917 days ago

Yet, you use an obsolete F-18. Even if you spent $200 at you could have made better. :( Fail

motherschildren 1917 days ago

It's gooood! Manitoba's Air Force heritage. Not sold on the bottom right word-mark tho. #gojetsgo

KeithFriesen 1917 days ago

Main logo is nice. I am so glad it is not as cheesy as the 90's Jets logo - that was awful!

HiretheWorld 1917 days ago

Don't mean to plug, but a lot of the fans work was a lot better.

Kaboonk 1917 days ago

Does it matter what it looks like? WE HAVE A NHL TEAM IN WINNIPEG AGAIN! thats all that matters to me.

Sneller1985 1917 days ago

Too many maple leafs. I hate the leafs, why do I want them on my jersey? Pretty military too...

calvinginther 1917 days ago


KJenkyns 1917 days ago

This is going to take some getting used to. I love the colours used that's for sure.

TheDaveShow 1917 days ago

At least get rid of the maple leaf, that'd be a huge improvement. Btw GO !

jaysonwall 1917 days ago

Like it all except for the the JETS Lettering logo.

TheDaveShow 1917 days ago

Terrible. Bring back the 90's look. Oilers and Flames are figuring it out. Get it right!

Truenucksfan 1917 days ago

Amazing central logo, ugly as hell patches.