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AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys

Manly mannys. I don't care

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1803 days ago

Manly mannys. I don't care


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ToxicRock_Diva 1791 days ago


gabzprincess 1802 days ago

we do care...but u know we love u still!lol

Karynalira_Bsb 1802 days ago

Merry Me? haha

MonkeeLove2011 1802 days ago

jajajajajaaja aww man.. loveeeeee youu

pilsbury4 1802 days ago

Yeah those Metrosexuals and business men already beat you to that ;)

andreinacarlota 1803 days ago

the bsb are my reason why I tweetear!

Araminta2 1803 days ago

Very Manly Mannys! Let's see NY dude or COOL dude...Hmmm. Can't make up my mind.

Dri_bone 1803 days ago

Sex man!

Alexix83 1803 days ago

EuRoPe waiting For YoU!!!!!.....till when....

berenicelazz 1803 days ago

How I love you! <3 <3 You're soooo beatifull

daniicampos 1803 days ago

Just loved your tweet number 666! Nice pic, you're handsome, as always. Be safe, sweetie!

marilynsuazo 1803 days ago

nice pic i love you!!!

eMiLy_noDUH 1803 days ago


Titabsb 1803 days ago

i miss you S2

Monikiki87 1803 days ago

<3 Boy you know you're gorgeous <3

shann4is 1803 days ago

ooops... I forget... You're so beautiful. I luv you *-*

Devil_Mclean 1803 days ago

hahahah U are crazy gus,but I Love the pic its priceless LOL I LOVE U ALEX!! Eat well ;)

shann4is 1803 days ago

Beautiful AJ... crazy, great pic ;) hahaha xoxo

animaccartney 1803 days ago


Lily_Lima_ 1803 days ago

Dr Dude? is you ???? I hope #not hahahaha #justsaying .Luv u ALex! :D