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KylieTeam have a signed copy of 'Kylie - The Albums' - fancy winning it ?

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1748 days ago

KylieTeam have a signed copy of 'Kylie - The Albums' - fancy winning it ?


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DouglasGleek 1618 days ago

Please, , I do not know, do something, but sell it in Brazil. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!

ahmadfairol 1722 days ago

believe it or not, i do have all of it in my closet..:)

rodrigo_gaga 1738 days ago

lindo tomara que vende aqui no brasil.

lilmistrouble 1740 days ago

omg xx i would love to win this , she is my role model and her music always brightens my day up <3

ElongoriaFan70 1741 days ago

I have it but not signed by Kylie !

IanVassay 1742 days ago

how do you win this? I'd love something signed by my Aphrodite! Te quiero mucho guapa! xox

ericksmarcs 1742 days ago


remix_son 1744 days ago

very beautiful picture..

chloenavarro 1747 days ago

do you know how big deal for me to have your complete music albums! gonna buy the latest

jtgf66 1747 days ago

too bad, i logged in too late. But i did pre-order mine from but will arrive next month :-(

Lucy_Marinho777 1748 days ago

Hi everyone I have loved kylie since I was a kid! I would love to win signed copy of her alblums more than anything!

ineedahol 1748 days ago

definately X- i played it while giving birth to both my kids. I nearly lost my son during labour but this album gave me the strength to get through it & he was delivered safely! two hearts has a special meaning for me. Thanks Kylie you are an inspirat

wollyjumper 1748 days ago

If I am not a true fan but still love you,does that count?

meandmymolasses 1748 days ago comes from a place of honest love. ♥ (comment got cut off, boo.)

meandmymolasses 1748 days ago

My favorite in #Kylieboxset is Aphrodite. The vid for All the Lovers brings tears of joy to my eyes. The album made me appreciate the happiness and glitter in everyday life more, and it always brings a smile to my face on gloomy days. You can really tell

SarahJudd 1748 days ago

Such an amazing prize! My favourite Kylie album is X but I love them all! Went to see Kylie perform her X tour in Newcastle and it was awesome! Gutted I didn't manage to get tickets for Aphrodite Les Folies, but love the album and her O2 arena show on Sky

KARAsLover 1748 days ago

CAN'T GET 1 of them OUT OF MY #Kylieboxset :}

Kylie_Slovenia 1748 days ago

My favourite album is Aphrodite. album was recorded with much love, always makes me smile, made my day. is great for parties! this album always brings you on feet to dance! Aphrodite is a great album that you can not put it from the stereo! and #aphrodit


and it was love at first sight. and we´re still happy together :o) Kylie brings the Luck in my Life thank you sooooo much


its Fever,single-Love at First sight-has played on MC Donalds where i met my partner for1.time2003