Today we  closed a  great chapter  of American history  and world ,  the space shuttle  is ready  to retire , never to be  obsolete but because it’s still a very complex and advanced car!
At the end of a portion so large and important in the history of space and humanity as a whole, Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis, the three space shuttle missions from NASA veterans, will be exhibited at three different American museums, as well as the prototype Enterprise, the first space shuttle built by the U.S. space used for many test flights, but never launched into orbit.
Three decades of space missions has concluded at 5.56 a.m (11:56 a.m. Italian time) on Thursday 21 July, when Atlantis finally landed at the Kennedy Space Center, making way for projects such as the spacecraft MPCV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle Crew), presented by NASA as the wager for the future.
NASA … thanks for everything!