Bill Burr


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1920 days ago


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themadgermanic 1880 days ago

Is that the Double Down in Vegas?

datqueenbee222 1919 days ago

how did you get a picture of my bathroom??

ballarius 1919 days ago

What are you all talking about? That toilet is #sparkling!

eHartAttack 1920 days ago

howbout the balls on the guy that wrote on the toilet...

DreadNotPop 1920 days ago

by the looks of the writing it's obviously a multi-gang lavatory use contract and so it's safe!

DreadNotPop 1920 days ago

would assuming this is in a Mexican neighborhood be RACIST...racist...racist???

Manipulatee 1920 days ago

What's that toilet doing on the side of a train?

thomkitchen 1920 days ago

The oddest thing here.... that toilet looks IMMACULATE.

MrSerialX 1920 days ago

Is the bar at the back to hold onto when you're getting railed in the ass?

Sausage_Mahoney 1920 days ago

How many people take a writing utensil with them when they need to shit?

iamevanclark 1920 days ago

there's about 8 kinds of herpes on that toilet seat

weeniewawa 1920 days ago

nice career going for ya Bill, classy place there

mrkyll 1920 days ago

Looks like everyone was there except Kilroy...

crystal_chryst 1920 days ago

The scary part is that the toilet itself actually looks pretty

DWestemeier 1920 days ago

Well, ya don't have to bring you reading material! #hereshatbill

DWestemeier 1920 days ago

I bet it even smell fresh and clean! Where can I get that wall paper print?

ConnivinKIvan 1920 days ago

Toilet paper AND a trash can? Is that an auto air freshner? If fanciest is a word, then you go to the fanciest places.

Andrewvouris 1920 days ago

Never has an object so dirty looked so clean.

Adhdtour 1920 days ago

Dont. Fucking. Touch it.