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Just saw @selenagomez rehearsing 4 tour. She just played drums! Anything she can't do? Tmrow @enews @eonline

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1774 days ago

Just saw rehearsing 4 tour. She just played drums! Anything she can't do? Tmrow


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InNiallsPants 1773 days ago


SelenaTheWinner 1773 days ago

The Outfit is pretty normal & hot! If u call this slutty, u're not Ok. is WAY Different & better than your ïdols" ;) She proved it many times...

gomezisoursun 1773 days ago

wow..she's always..<3

ItsBieberz 1773 days ago

She is flawless! ♥

DemiLSelenaG143 1773 days ago

Beautiful,gorgeous and stunning..... As always!!!:]

ScrewJelenaHate 1774 days ago

OMG!! flawless !! gorgeous.. as always ;)

EmiliaHdz97 1774 days ago

She looks beautiful (: As always

walktoengland 1774 days ago

Oh god she is so cute, amazing, beautiful and sexy <3 Justin is the luckiest boy on the planet !

dani_montoya 1774 days ago

She's so cute & I can't wait for her tour. It's going to be amazing!

AdorableJelena 1774 days ago

Aww, she's so cute. Haters, if you don't like selena why comment on this? Common sense people.

JILEYSARMY 1774 days ago

what is this idiot wearing

unitedbygomez 1774 days ago

awwww, she is so cute.

LiveeLoveDelena 1774 days ago

i would wear that outfit and I'm 13. It's not even that bad..idiots.

SelenaTheWinner 1774 days ago

LOL @ Some people benig jealous of ... WELL She got everything, u're ugly & got nothing. Why Am I Shocked?! :|

iguananananas 1774 days ago

boobs. ;D

DrBieberFV 1774 days ago

She is so Cute!

luisa_lauren 1774 days ago

what's wrong with her outfit ? honestly, I don't get it ¬¬

selenamyshawty 1774 days ago

peitchuda! kkkkk

iMaddieBieber 1774 days ago

um , her outfit is ... just ... nevermind :?

MarryUsRyan 1774 days ago

look what she's wearing. and y'all call miley a slut? eww bitch please.