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This is who I wake up to everyday.

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2593 days ago

This is who I wake up to everyday.


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singerchick123 2522 days ago

i swear my dog is asleep and lying exactly like that right now!

MandieKae7 2542 days ago

MooMoo is so precious!!! I can't wait to get my own puppy that I can wake up to :) Luv ya Kellie ♥

crystalcook2009 2546 days ago

Too precious. I wake up to mine everyday but sometimes either I or him end up on the floor. LOL! And does mine ever snore.

nikkis120 2547 days ago

I have a "baby" I wake up with everyday too, so much love they never hurt you or lie to you, the best love and its all the time! Enjoy!

chloelanna917 2557 days ago

my dad wont let my babyy sleep in my bed! she would pee everywhere... haha

RoSeKrYsTaL 2557 days ago

awwwww my doggie used to sleep in my bed but she sheds to much lol

jonas_my_loves 2559 days ago

awww to cute.

carebear3108326 2561 days ago

he is cute moooooo lol

allirtspider 2565 days ago

How cute I have 2 dogs and they are just it they are so spoiled in fact the famale had puppies 7 weeks ago they were so cute.

Brooke7777 2567 days ago

So cute.I use to have a dog just like this one.She was the best dog ever.

adamrickert2400 2573 days ago

awww cute

julietliming 2575 days ago

way too cute!

michelle_ernst 2576 days ago

how precious!

myfriendsandi 2576 days ago

Aw... so cute ! I think you need one of the paw print tote bags I sell for doggie toys ! Where can I send one ?

BlondeAmbition8 2577 days ago

Aww, have a great Monday. Sophie

cesawyer 2587 days ago

What kind of dog is MooMoo??? I have a miniature Rat Terrier that looks just like this!

onlysixteenlexi 2588 days ago

Oh My goodness so cute. Whats it's name and how old is it, I just love animals and your dog is so beautiful.

taylorswift013 2589 days ago

That looks just like my dog
Her name is angel

Abigailb18 2591 days ago

Awww. So cute.

Lovinladyva 2592 days ago

I used to travel through Albermarle alot when I worked for the NCDOC going to McCain.