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Teen TOP's new photo: have fun explaining this to your friends who aren't into kpop!

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1966 days ago

Teen TOP's new photo: have fun explaining this to your friends who aren't into kpop!


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KoJaSu 1925 days ago

Somebody pointed them with a gun and wanted this for own purposes, but someone else was faster.

veryspicychai 1928 days ago

haha, omg. I constantly try to explain k-pop to my friends, she doesn't understand k-pop :(

SweetSong88 1928 days ago

hhahahah!! love this picture!!

yhard 1928 days ago

I'd rather not to... kk

Ally_do 1928 days ago

I'm into kpop and I can't even explain this.

Freya13 1928 days ago

knew they were a heading down that road since I saw them lol put some pants on dudes!

Niki771 1933 days ago

i don't know y the entertainment let them wear this so Embarrassing

gheisuperjunior 1952 days ago

just... no. just absolutely not. what the heck? no. just no. no. im shaking my head right now. no.

IStoleYourCandy 1958 days ago

I can't even....

teukie_in_white 1962 days ago

THIS IS THE BEST! the heels complete it LOL! ok seriously, is it bad that i actually like this?

AditaElena 1963 days ago

Their legs even look like legit female legs...

silverukiss 1964 days ago

This isn't doing much towards the cause of convincing my sister that the guys on my posters are indeed male.

DigimiChan 1965 days ago

Okay what. LOL More like trying to explain it even to friends who are into kpop LOL

bobbieness 1965 days ago

Oh man the more I look at this photo the more it disturbs me... Cross-dressing Teens on Top?

bobbieness 1965 days ago the hell do you explain this even to friends who ARE into kpop?!!??!

RicchiChera 1965 days ago

ME GUSTA dem heels and legs!

FlorenGramajo 1965 days ago


IlseMojica 1965 days ago

This Should Be Interesting ........ Lmfao :D

UKISSmeKiseop 1966 days ago

holy doodoo cakes!! this mini-album comes out a DAY after my birthday :D

UKISSmeKiseop 1966 days ago

my mom told me those young ladies hav nice legs O.O i told her: mom.. theyre boys
she walked away