Megan Rapinoe



@maddow. We are ready, are you? #soexcitedweloveyou

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1508 days ago

. We are ready, are you? #soexcitedweloveyou


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sartre_beauvoir 1483 days ago

hermosa vista
beautiful smile

maricar114 1501 days ago

Ha, you guys are beautiful!
Roomies 4 life ?!? Haha :)

SaraMarrari 1504 days ago

Cute.... :-)

ahimsadawn 1507 days ago

OMG! Lori is beautiful! Oh, and you're okay, too, Pinoe.

cherysei 1507 days ago

Gorgeous, on and off the field.

CMRodriguez 1508 days ago

so cute!

staciegibbons 1508 days ago

Please do another video together, you two are hilarious! :) Maybe a Fruit Ninja battle?!

Fortunesfool1 1508 days ago

Another delicious pic! Loved your shoes on Maddow too!

franchise2514 1508 days ago

You are pretty on so many levels megan

LoveRapinoe 1508 days ago

cute pic!

scandallk 1508 days ago

RM said she was so excited to interview yous that she broke ceiling tiles in her office hallway! seeyou

tcolles 1508 days ago

Excited for the interview

bethconeys 1508 days ago

Roomies for life:)

StephanieSol 1508 days ago

Exciting!! =D

ctracey96 1508 days ago

You and Lori look great!! Love the hair :)