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Right, whilst I was making these, what have I missed..?!

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1747 days ago


Right, whilst I was making these, what have I missed..?!


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mortymortino 1747 days ago

Brilliant!! Just remind me of how mine turn out, slap 2 together 2make a normal size scone :)

PippaFrost 1747 days ago

Top Tip - They won't rise if you twist the cutter, you must cut straight down.

j77kav 1747 days ago

I think they look lush, don't know what every one else is on about, having said that I am on day 2 of a new diet and am starving!

Jade_Zara 1747 days ago

You may have worked the mixture to much and let the air out, either that or
No self raising flour or baking powder! Not a bad attempt though!

Fruity_Newty 1747 days ago

Aren't they supposed to be bigger than that??

natashahowson 1747 days ago

Did you use Self Raising flour, rather than plain? I'm sure they taste lovely!

Roddas_Cream 1747 days ago

... we'll pop a Cornish cream tea in the post for you :)

Roddas_Cream 1747 days ago

here's our favourite recipe for scones Chris!

LynsParkin 1747 days ago

I'm sure they'll still taste good with jam and cream.

Dmaxwellkloot 1747 days ago

To be honest they look more like Welsh Cakes!

netleaver 1747 days ago

mmmmm these look much better than the pies that s just been on the news :) xx

han_rushbrooke 1747 days ago

3 more scones?

NBirkinshaw 1747 days ago

Hmmm what flour did you use Chris?! also you may have rolled them out too thinly? - Just watch you teeth ;-)!!

Knotticus 1747 days ago

The recipe for cream doughnuts.....or most likely baking powder

Tabytha_Girl 1747 days ago

you entertain the nation and cook?!?! What a talented individual you are :) X

clairpardo 1747 days ago

sure they are not ROCK CAKES lol x

Debgribbon 1747 days ago

Baking powder :)

MrsSavage 1747 days ago

I think maybe the baking powder or eggs? They look more like Welsh scones! Obviously Aled is rubbing off on you more than you think! Lol

cazmccrone 1747 days ago

a pie!

Andy_Simms_77 1747 days ago

raising agent?