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Did Murdoch get a pie in the face?

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1778 days ago

Did Murdoch get a pie in the face?


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Elrodfk 1687 days ago

its a shame it wasn't hand grenade or a land mine in the face

happybikerider 1777 days ago

Chineese whores do have there kung fu moves. Wife or prune body guard.

JimD343 1777 days ago

If you live long enough your skin will also get saggy . You use lots of words but say nothing .

socialnerdia 1778 days ago

taleofa 1778 days ago


mrkallman 1778 days ago

"blonde woman" is Louise MenschConPartyas she is asking RM about confidentiality clause in Taylor settlement

HartKnight 1778 days ago

He's lucky it wasn't worse because he deserves much worse.

ny_red1 1778 days ago

Betcha' Murdoch hired the pie-thrower as distraction. MPs were suck-ups. Jail all.

squeakie 1778 days ago

he's lucky it was only pie!

Frank_McG 1778 days ago

i think it was humble pie, since mudroch referred to this as the most humbling day of his life

nowve 1778 days ago


Chrispurplhouse 1778 days ago

Look at Ms. Mensch's face! LOL

Chrispurplhouse 1778 days ago

They were forming a queue to give him some hate! His saggy skin was swinging all around from the slaps and pieings!

lw81 1778 days ago

whatever it was, the lady across from him wants some really bad.

collendubose 1778 days ago

throw a shoe at him/ expect prison time for this assassination attempt....

jazzycari 1778 days ago

Love the shocked expression of the blonde woman!

gbybluemonday 1778 days ago

and the tin is empty and his jacket is off now - it might be a YES

Puddy2011 1778 days ago

there is always a knobber present where you don't need him

DisconWales 1778 days ago

Can you call that a pie? How on earth do you construct something like that in Parliament?

PiccasoPickard 1778 days ago

I'm loving the woman's face on the opposite table.