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I am Chris Moyles and this is my bio bit.


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1894 days ago



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flegger64 1893 days ago

youll have to run 10 miles to get rid of them......

Jamiewace 1894 days ago

That's enough for you, fat prick

DarrenLewsey86 1894 days ago

They don't look even.

tyronenic 1894 days ago

Nice one. That's a lot of jam though......

BobbyHasan 1894 days ago

we had a planet birchwood in warrington, where amongst other celebrity food and snacks, my favorite had to be the sharon scones...true story!

jamestwalsh 1894 days ago

making me hungry!

rotm72 1894 days ago

my first ever tweet...they look like two dirty matter spots!!

audrey70lorrain 1894 days ago

This is my first ever tweet. Just had to say they look fab!x

bakingtart 1894 days ago

Very nice looking, your crumb looks good :)

KarTownsend 1894 days ago

Kinda looks more like a biscuit than a scone....Where's the fluffyness of and height?

kazkk 1894 days ago

Look yummy!!!! how many did you bake..?

FisayoFis 1894 days ago

With the Iphone 5 can i reach out and pick this off my screen and not just salivate about it!

karrie285 1894 days ago

WELL DONE. mind you I wouldn't eat them cause of the currents/ raisins, I don't like them, prefer plain scones myself.

MsChiaroscuro 1894 days ago

Dead flies....NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

torchwoodjbfan 1894 days ago

not bad chris

Julesrools 1894 days ago

Mmmmmmm, beautiful!!

officialgaryd 1894 days ago

Was going to say... 'I hope thats low fat cream' ... But sod it, you deserve it! for entertaining us all ;-) x

OwenP22 1894 days ago

Look Nice :) Enjoy Them!!! :)

chelseataylor26 1894 days ago

NOOOOO CHRIS!! what are you doing. its jam and then cream you fool!!!

sineadstoneman 1894 days ago

mmmmm wheres the clotted cream though ??????? tiny bit burnt around edges lol id eat them tho :)