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Tea in London!!

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1324 days ago

Tea in London!!


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amygodney 1311 days ago


PaulAusguy 1320 days ago

Beautiful as always Kylie.. xxx

wellington_wup 1320 days ago

Kylie You're a diamond! I love you!

carlasgs 1321 days ago

Your you are the woman's best example!! You are a beautiful kylie! You have a great heart!!

dreamylion 1322 days ago

Heart Kylie!!! One of The Best Pop Singer!!!

javirrecio 1322 days ago

Beautiful!... Let´s have a cup of tea with the Mad March Hare and the Mad Hatman!! You are the perfect Alice!

Superis78 1322 days ago

OMG you were at my best friend's place (George) and you wrote something for me as well! I can't tell You how i am imressed etc etc.. Love Kylie!!! <3 <3 <3

paulossauro 1322 days ago

oooooh i love u so much !

chrispardalis 1323 days ago

Ooohh I'm jealous, can I please join u?? U can't b drinking tea on your own xx

KCChen1 1323 days ago

Kylie Aphrodite back to London?
Home is always the sweetest place. We miss you so much!!!!!!!!~~~~

parkskieth 1323 days ago

You look fantastic as always "wrist"kerchief is great. Realax after world tour!

sebaonstart 1323 days ago

Enjoy !!!

KathreinK 1323 days ago

love your outfit ;)

ShayanShaan 1323 days ago

hhhmmm back home avin a nice wonder you got that gorgeous smile on your face ...ooohhhh smokin hot xxx I L U

Lolmckay 1323 days ago

Lovely photo!!! No better way to relax than a nice cuppa tea on a beautiful english summer day!

Decwhite20 1323 days ago

Sweet smile:)X

GelidFields 1323 days ago

just love the hanky around your you too

verybey 1323 days ago

how cute (:

santovivo 1323 days ago

KYLIE MINOGUE ,You look wonderful woman ,and nice smile ,oo yes ,xxxxxxxxxx

Eros_alan 1323 days ago

MMM... let's have a tea time with Kylieee!!! <3 SWEET!!!