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So this week's video is going to be amazing...

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1540 days ago

So this week's video is going to be amazing...


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resda 1537 days ago

So are you promoting the movie or is this something you're doing on your own?

SawyerBusse 1539 days ago


EnglishLocust 1540 days ago

Lighting looks so fake on Brandon. :)

Tiagomacarico 1540 days ago

Can't wait to see.

d0NnecArl0 1540 days ago

cowboy style,huh? =)

Mikodelrosario 1540 days ago

I have a feeling this video will have cats

EyeOfMilan 1540 days ago

Is that Jon Favreau or just a damn good look-alike? I sense epic video incoming!

ZachWillett 1540 days ago

Holy shits

alem95 1540 days ago

The center guy looks like Sam Loya

ChuckoFesta 1540 days ago

Holy shit Jon Favreau?

the_Naterator 1540 days ago

you're so money

findpurpleheart 1540 days ago

I don't know freddie that guy in the middle is messing it up, no t-shirts in the old west...#amazingindeed

becoollike 1540 days ago

cool :)

SanyaOtter 1540 days ago

Now how in the world did you manage THIS ?:P

whoisFuminori 1540 days ago

cant wait see it! lol

TheTemplemans 1540 days ago

Woah. Looks like it. : ) very cool. Looking forward to it.

TylaRead 1540 days ago

Can't wait for your vid, or the movie.

GothicLolitas 1540 days ago

Cowboys & Aliens!

adri_valenciano 1540 days ago

i love your work

soezimax 1540 days ago

Looks great!Western movie? Good smile Freddie.