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youtuber since '07. i like to make videos, music and fun of everything. be who you are :) i encourage that. i like food.

i need to dress for winter in my room now haha:P

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1810 days ago

i need to dress for winter in my room now haha:P


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BeadlesBiebWale 1775 days ago

Can i get some of that toungee(;

heyitserikaaxx 1796 days ago

Sexaaayy :> Follow back , please ? :P :3

iBelieberHeaven 1796 days ago

Seexy :'3 hoho :D

riverassexual 1797 days ago

vemnimim dlç - qq K

lissethzelaya 1810 days ago

baby u are so te please follow me

CandaceBecca 1810 days ago

Your suuper cute ;) nice btw <3

kathissoverythe 1810 days ago

verry noiceeeeeeeee ;) hot

Natasha_161 1810 days ago

Veeryyy Niceeeee :P

ofeliajonas 1810 days ago

haha My Room is freakin hot right now! i feel hotter just lookin at u!! Take Your Motha Fuckin Shirt *SWEATER* Off!!! :P ♥

jess_truck_yeah 1810 days ago

Silly boy XD

letsflybiebs 1810 days ago

ur so cute ;) love the hoodie

bieber555lover 1810 days ago

Oh ma Gawdd take that off your making me sweat 1. look at what your wearing 2. your so damn HOT

Dizzy_Des 1810 days ago

Haha nice

DoomxCookiex3 1810 days ago

Lols Follow me ? (:

JeydonInspired 1810 days ago

you & your tongue... i swear... every picture lmaaoo <3

c4tnaps 1810 days ago

LOLOL. you have two fans? xD

Katherinegadlha 1810 days ago

I love u =)

vclark92095 1810 days ago

atleast its not hot now :)

autumn_loves_ya 1810 days ago

thats watt happens when my a/c is on lol follow me ples :) : ) :) :)

stefania1011 1810 days ago

awwww jeydon :P I LOVE YOU <3