The story of a low-rent super-villain, the hero who keeps beating him up, and the cute girl from the laundromat he’s too shy to talk to.


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MisterCosmic 2622 days ago

Coolius Maximus, dude...

johntmhiggins 2622 days ago

That's awesome. One of my favorites from the show.

darkheartedrose 2622 days ago

That's fantastic! :D

Darya_ 2622 days ago


vasthoagies 2622 days ago

I like the quote UNDER the Dr. Horrible quote.

Donteatacowman 2622 days ago

I am unfortunately one of the people who didn't see the "view full size" without help. :P But awesome! :D Congrats!

saraellis 2622 days ago

Hey, I know Brendan Joyce! He plays our piano sometimes. And draws testicles on our fridge.

Mercenary42 2622 days ago

Yeah, I would worry about security after posting this image; however, it may be reassuring to note that about half the posters here cannot find the zoom function, even with the other half telling them about it.

rowan_celeste 2622 days ago

Dear Joss..great quote, but you *may* want to log out of your email account and close out the address you're searching for, before you post a twitpic! =P

TotemMedia 2622 days ago

Dr. Horrible is very quotable. :) Glad to see Google agrees.

PsychedelicFox 2622 days ago

There is hope for humanity. Spread the joys of DrHorrible :)

queenkv 2622 days ago

Love it!

lurck42 2622 days ago

Newbies (like me) be sure'n click "view full size" circled + upper right of pic(s).

punningpundit 2622 days ago

If you can't read it: there's a zoom function on twitpic.

johanna101 2622 days ago

there have been a number of drhorrible quotes on QotD, it's great!

monkeyonthelam 2622 days ago

Does anyone know what theme that is at the top of the screen?

MatchesMalone 2622 days ago

Are we supposed to be able to read that?

sconesaregood 2622 days ago


itsmeglinehan 2622 days ago

To help: QotD is: You give my regards to St. Peter, or whoever has his job, but in Hell.

KenKopin 2622 days ago

Click "View Full Size"