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tybogr 2684 days ago

i no u probly get dis all da time but FOLLOW ME please cuz i think ur da shizzz and we all love u in da big bad city of london

TDIVAH22 2796 days ago

Follow me keri

DeDeDntCare 2798 days ago

Well I've never seen this...but I guess its a good thing

MissKaraB 2798 days ago

i know thats right

TampaGurlie 2798 days ago

There's one of those in Seffner, FL! Always makes me smile when I see it.

Fittediam 2798 days ago

Amen, needs to be more of these this world is getting corrupt :)

RCinTHEhouse 2798 days ago

I saw this exact mobile church when I was on the road,LMAO! It tripped me out

SPLASHSaysFUckU 2798 days ago

Lol..thatz hilarious..amen!

MademoiselleAba 2798 days ago


veechynadoll 2798 days ago

That is awesome!!!!!!
They should post a schedule with tour dates.

DreamsinLA 2798 days ago

Amen :)

MizzSexiiBaby 2798 days ago

hey hey hey ain't nun wrong wit dat thats wat these churches need to be doin anyway!!! the bible says that god does not dwell in the church!! Where two or more are gathered he's in the midst!!! God will bless them!

influenze 2798 days ago

I don't know why anyone would see this as distasteful. I drive trucks for a living, and when I'm on the road this is where I worship. A true blessing for anyone on the road, right miss keri!

LaLaMuneka 2798 days ago


MsJLacy 2798 days ago

love it!

tayalejandro 2798 days ago

Those who come to me must come with spirit and truth...

misslyndsaybaby 2798 days ago

tell em to pull up in front of my house sunday morning

SpencerDuncan 2798 days ago

.... personally i think this is distasteful... thats just me tho...

ASIAAO 2798 days ago


jaytee22 2798 days ago

God is everywhere and in everything...Amen