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The smiles that @SelenaGomez brought to kids' faces at @RyanFoundation... unforgettable. #thankyouselly

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1295 days ago

The smiles that brought to kids' faces at ... unforgettable. #thankyouselly


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Joe_Demi_Fic 1290 days ago

Annw you look very sweet!!!!

rikatk 1294 days ago


Donna077dmr 1294 days ago

is Gorgeous and is handsome!

shannon_wait 1295 days ago

you both look fab! !!!!

MileyJustinDemi 1295 days ago

She looks so deformed. lol

MaritaBIEBER01 1295 days ago

thats cute <3<3:)

g3nny_13 1295 days ago

aww :] <3 i love you !!

KatsySmile 1295 days ago

So sweet! I love you precious! #thankyouselly

Love_Me_JB 1295 days ago

awww! That soo amazing from her and she looks adorable ='3 #thankyouselly

SelenaGomezDiv1 1295 days ago

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Always beautiful, sweet love love you too ♥ Ryan - Ryan ILOVE YOU ♥

xIsabelleluz 1295 days ago

aww :')

LifeIsA_Highway 1295 days ago

aww! so cute! :)

shakeitupselena 1295 days ago

awww so cutee! she's amazing♥

Gomezisthebest 1295 days ago

aww I love her sweet smile ! you're amazing. :) love you !!!

DiarioDaDevonne 1295 days ago


selenanajerasel 1295 days ago

some one named woke up from the right side of the bed LOL amazing Selena

bieb3rflame 1295 days ago

amazing ;)

demilovatolover 1295 days ago

is amazing. :)

justlivetodream 1295 days ago

aw*-* so sweet.:)

laryrose 1295 days ago

i love my diva