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dave attell and bree olson stopped by today to help me with the first episode

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2590 days ago

dave attell and bree olson stopped by today to help me with the first episode


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nip2009 2086 days ago

i didnt know you like anal sex dan?...i wasnt including her

NickMalvo 2093 days ago

I saw that girl fist fight her vag one time....

Weisscock 2093 days ago

Whos dave attell........?

FreshLikeUhhhhh 2097 days ago

There's 3 people in this picture. A Gaping Hole, a bad Comedian and a dildo. Quiz: who is who?

sklamitsklamat 2227 days ago

Lucky Bastard!!!!!

WesBell55 2230 days ago

Also your fan base is lower than either one of these so called "celebrities" lol. Bree is still hot so she's still an amazing person...according to my penis

WesBell55 2230 days ago

Good to know you tried to fuck Dave Attell...but you didn't have to act like this was a Bi porno. We all know its gay porn with a girl thrown in for the weirdos that just aren't sure yet.

iheartbooben 2230 days ago

i love bree olson's work!!!!!

Momamayi 2230 days ago

Dave Attell is sexier than you.. in that creepy dad sort of way. lol

rloft123 2242 days ago

what the fuck is with that guys face.. oh sorry, you thought i was referencing the Russian?

Daniel_Tosh_Fan 2270 days ago

get ur hand off her ass perv

Daniel_Tosh_Fan 2271 days ago

one side of you says hot chich and the bigger side is saying RAPE!!!!!!!

TheNotorious951 2369 days ago

damn he's gettin old, starting to look like a russian cigar shop owner... bree olson is soooo sexy, she used to live down the street from my dad;)

losermagnet04 2372 days ago

Does Dave Attell drive a pedofile van? Just Curious....I mean look at him

terrenceking 2377 days ago

furget her tosh he's thinking about u

terrenceking 2377 days ago

nough' said

Twinkyy0227 2378 days ago

ok to be honest i dont care about this twitter bullshit,or this picture of the blonde with fake tits,but why cant you just a regular myspace like everyone else, cause this tweetin horse shit is confusing. all i wanted to do was make a few comments about u

klotzjl 2389 days ago

Does Bree always wear a robe?

JayHeath77 2389 days ago

Wow, Dave Attell looks like he hasn't slept since his show was canceled. Used to love that show.

bluesisnotdead 2465 days ago

i dont recodnize her with her cloths on